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Skill Days and Rope Climbs

Hey team,

I hope you enjoyed the first week of our 6 day programming! There was some great attendance across the board and lots of energy in the classes.

One type of training session that you will see pop up is the Skill Day. Typically these will start with us all working on a specific skill (say handstand pushups) and then there will be an option for the rest of the class. That option will usually be to practice a skill that you would personally like to develop OR to do some other scheduled training.

The benefit of the individual skill work is that we all have movements that are holding us back. Those movements could likely benefit from a bit more regular exposure, and these skill days are the chance to do just that. Your coach will be on hand to help you choose drills and refine movement patterns, with more time being available to do so in less busy classes.

So if you have a skill you'd like to nail down, or you've got an accomplishment on the goals board to chase, plan on getting that extra work in on these Skill choice days! Coming in with a plan will also help, so you can research some drills in advance that you'd like to try out. Look ahead in the programming to see when these days are coming and that will get you in the right mindset to push yourself on the day!

Speaking of skills, we have a rope climb practice session coming up on Tuesday. There are many different ways to scale a rope climb, all the way from beginner to expert. Just a heads up that if you plan on doing full rope climbs, wearing some long socks can help prevent rope burn on your lower legs!

Check out the video below for some solid options for progressing rope climbs and come in ready to rock!

See ya soon!




Main Class Part 1A

Power Clean : 3-3-3, rest 2 mins

Warm up well then 3 x 3 power cleans (not touch and go) at a heavy weight (80% ish)

Main Class Part 1b

3 RFT: Power Cleans and Lateral Burpee Over Bars

3 rounds for time of: 15 Power Cleans, 135/95 lbs 10 Lateral Burpee Over Bars

tech notes

FG3: 115/75 FG2: 55-65/75-95, burpee step over FG1: scale as needed CP: 155/105

Main Class Part 2A

Front Squat : 3x3 at 80% 1RM, rest 2 mins

Warm up well then hit 3 x 3 at a heavy weight

Main Class part 2b

4 RFT: Front Squats and Chest-to-bar Pull-ups

4 rounds for time of: 8 Front Squats, 135/95 lbs 10/8 Chest-to-bar Pull-ups

tech notes

Take bar from floor

Same scaling weights as for Part 1, with extra

CP1: 16/12 CTB

CP2: 185/125 and 6/4 ring MU


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