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Snatch Fest

Yep, it's time... to throw down either Isabel or Randy and test yourself against these classic Crossfit Benchmarks.

If you're not yet ready for the full wods, scale down as needed or shift your focus towards technique development by slowing down and/or adjusting the movement as needed.

If you're ready to go full bore, then hit it hard! It's always a good idea to warm up to a heavier weight than the workout itself, so take some time to build up to above wod weight before jumping into the actual challenge.

Any way you cook it, have fun!





4 dowel dislocates

6 dowel overhead squats

10 plate floor to overheads

WOD Option 1: Isabel

30 snatches for time @ 135/95

FG3: 75/115

FG2: 55-65/75-95

FG1: scaled as needed

WOD Option 2: Randy

75 snatches for time @ 55/75

FG2: 35/55

Cash out:

3 rounds for time of:

Assault bike 1200m

Run 400m


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