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Split Jerk Refresher!

Hey Team,

Our skill/strength for Friday and Saturday inolves both power cleans and "shoulder to overheads". The latter movement is essentially a catch-all for any exercise that moves the barbell from the shoulders to fully locked out overhead. You can use a strict press, push press, push/power jerk, or split jerk.

For most people, the split jerk is the most efficient and consistent way to get a heavy weigh overhead. There are some reasons why you might want to use a power or push jerk instead, but for max lifting, the split jerk is optimal for most people.

In the video below, CrossFit and weightlifting athlete Kristin Pope goes over why she prefers the power jerk for weightlifting, but also outlines technique tips for the split jerk to maximize your output. Take a look at it and enhance your skills!





x 2

Assault bike or row 90 sec

Spiderman + rotation x 4/side (stay static in lunge while doing rotations)

Bird dogs x 6/side slow and smooth

Dead bugx x 6/side slow and smooth

Practice split jerk alignment and tech, then:

SKILL: ALT E90S - Power Cleans x 3 and Shoulder to Overheads x 2. 5 sets each!

Use the same weight (or close to it) for both movements. If you like, you can rack the bar for your shoulder to overheads, or you can get one more clean in during those rounds!

build as you go, keeping reps crisp. Ideally work on push jerk or split jerk


16 min time cap!

For time:

Assault Bike, 1200/1000 m

-- then --

3 rounds of:

30 Wallballs

15 Pull-ups

-- then --

Assault Bike, 1200/1000 m

FG3: 20 wallballs, 10 pullups

FG2: scale wallball weight, assisted pullups

FG1: 800/600m, 20 wallballs, 10 ring rows

CP1: CTB pullups

CP2: 4 rounds of wallballs and ctb

CP3: 3 rounds, heavy wallballs, 8 bar or ring mussies


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