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Squat Motivation

Monday Tuesday brings the opportunity to aim for a heavy single in the back squat. We've been working squats weekly for about 7 weeks, so your body should be well prepared to hit a strong number. That being said, check in with how your body feels on the day to determine how hard you should push. If it's a good day all round (the bar feels light, your joints feel smooth and your muscles well repaired) then go for it!

If you've never bailed out of a back squat before, take some time in your warm ups to practice bailing out. You may need to do so if you're hammering some really challenging weights and it's better to be prepared than not!

Speaking of squats, one of the greatest weightlifters of all time, Liu Xiaojun is also an incredible squatter. Take a peek at this video and check both his form and his performance. No doubt he is well equipped to squat heavy with favorable leverage and good mobility, but he has maximized those advantages with daily training for YEARS. Pretty impressive stuff!

Have fun and lift heavy!




WARM UP: 2 rounds of - 500m assault bike, 10 cossack squats, 15 single KB sumo deadlifts



Work through the rep sequence above on your own time, with a time cap of 18 minutes to acheive your heavy single. Add warm up sets before the first set of 5, and build as you go!


For time:

50 Assault Bike Calories

40 Wall Balls

30 Hand Release Push-ups

20 Pull-ups

10 Burpees

tech notes

Pace the first two right, then accelerate to finish!

FG2: scale wallball weight, jumping or banded pullups

FG1: sub air squats for wallballs, ring rows and modified pushups

CP1: Go back up the ladder (20 burpees in the middle) - 20 min cap

CP2: as above plus Chest to bar pullups, burpee box jumps (20/24)


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