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Summer Vacations and keeping up that Fitness!

Hey team!

With COVID restrictions starting to lift, we’re starting to get a little more normalcy in our lives, which means there’s a good chance you’ll be on Vacation more this Summer, Yay! With that being said, you may find yourself in the gym less over the next couple months, and that’s okay. It’s always good for our bodies to have a bit of a break, mentally and physically. It also allows the opportunity to get more creative with our fitness when we are away from the gym. If you’re like me, I hate feeling like I’m losing all my fitness gains (don’t worry this takes a long time to do! haha) but below is a list of tips to keep being fit, even when you’re away from the gym!

  1. Bring a couple lightweight pieces of equipment with you that can easily sneak in the car or in your duffel bag, like a skipping rope, or if driving, maybe a kettlebell or dumbbell.

  2. Plan quick short workouts that won’t keep you from all your fun, but will get the job done! AMRAPs are my favourite when on holidays, pick a time frame, pick a handful of exercises, either with equipment or bodyweight, and start the timer! Keep it simple.

  3. If staying in a hotel, see if they have a hotel gym available, and plan a couple times to use it before you get out adventuring for the day.

  4. We are lucky and live on this beautiful Island surrounded by water, so if staying close to home, get out on the water or in it! Go for a swim, rent or borrow some Kayaks/Paddleboards, and try something new! Also a great way to cool off in this Summer heat.

  5. Try something different, that may even scare you. That could be biking or rock climbing, or something like this. I recently tried Mountain Biking, which was definitely different from my usual gym workouts, got me out of my comfort zone, and was a hard workout in a different way.

  6. Find a nearby Hike in the area, it’s a great way to get some fitness in but also enjoy nature. Can also find different difficulty options, depending on who you are with to keep everyone involved.

  7. Walk/Bike when you can, whether that be walking/biking around a city, or in the countryside. Find a place to park, and enjoy what you can from foot or bike.

  8. Play sports! If with family and friends, get people in on some outdoor sports; badminton, volleyball, Spikeball, be creative! No matter what age, sports are so important and can be a lot of fun!

  9. Also, if ever stumped on what to do, 7 mins of Burpees can easily be done anywhere ;)

If COVID taught us anything while in quarantine last year, is that we don’t need a big fancy gym with all the stuff to stay fit and active, so use what you’ve learned in this past year and use those simple workouts while on Vacation and away from the gym, also don’t stress about it while you’re away, the gym will always be here when you’re back home!

Happy Summer everybody!

Coach Tia


WARM-UP: 3 rounds

5sec goblet pause squat at bottom x3

dowel dislocates x5

dowel overhead squat x5

dowel back rack good mornings x5


3 Rep MAX Back Squat

Take 16 minutes to build to a heavy triple... if feeling really good, push the limits, if not, just work heavy with great technique.


Every 5 mins for 20 mins do:

8 Power Cleans, 135/95 lbs

8 Deadlifts

Run, 400 m

Smooth and consistent on the power cleans! Scale the run distance in FG divisions to get at least 1:30 rest into the next round.

Cleans should be touch and go or very quick singles, deadlifts should be unbroken.

FG3: 65-75/95-115

FG2: 45-55/64-75

FG1: bar only

CP1: 105/155


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