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Taking on Selection

Hey Team,

Many of you will be aware of Scott H's exploits over the past 4-5 years. Since joining up with us in 2015, Scott has made it his mission to challenge himself with some of the hardest courses available to civilians. He's taken on the infamous SealFit Kokoro Challenge twice, passing both times. Most people would do it once and say "never again" but Scott wanted to go back and push harder and form himself into a leader while under duress.

At another level is the GoRuck Selection course. This is mentioned in the same breath as Kokoro but is a much different and much more challenging beast. While Kokoro works to break you down then assist you as you rebuild, Selection has no such purpose - it is simply designed to break you.

Scott has attempted the GoRuck Selection trial one time previously, and while he did well by basically everyone else's standards, he felt that he left too early and should have held on mentally. Since that time, he has built himself up even more, physically and psychologically, to take on Selection again.

His challenge starts this Thursday, at 1pm EST and ends on Saturday at around 1pm. It is a continuous event - there is no time for sleeping. The event will be live streamed on the GoRuck Facebook page. I watched last time and can assure you it was every bit as tough as advertised.

If you have some time over the Thursday to Saturday stretch this week, tune in to watch Scott take this on. He won't be aware of our support, but maybe a little of our energy will help him through some of the many tough spots he will face.

Good luck Scott. You are well prepared and your resolve is strong.





3 inchworms plus pushup

3 lying thoracic rotations per side

6 back roll to straddle

21 jumping jacks

Skill work: Upper body strength work. In larger classes, you will likely start with skill 1 or skill 2. Work hard to get tough sets done on both, this is an opportunity to significantly boost your upper body strength!

SKILL 1: Bench Press 5 x 3 E2M

Build to a tough couple of sets of 3 at the end!

SKILL 2: Strict Pullups 5 x 5 E2M

Add weight or decrease assistance as you go!


8 intervals of 20 sec work, 10 sec rest... work hard because it is short! Your fewest metres in any interval is your score.


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