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The Open is Shut!

Hey team,

I'm a bit behind on everything after being sick over the weekend so stay tuned for details of the final results from the Intramurals, where to go from here in terms of your training, and for what to look forward to in the next few months at Vic City!

Suffice to say the Open 2022 came just at the right time, and some could say we have a word in Dr Bonnie's ear to let the mask mandates end just before our end of Open party ;). I know the coaches were super impressed with your effort, encouragement, and results, and certainly there were tons of impressive performances across the board.

For now, rest up, keep your motivation high, and look forward to more challenges in the months ahead!





3 min machine of choice, then:

2 rounds of -

15 floor to overhead with plate

2 samson lunges

6 dowel dislocates


These are a collection of short-ish challenges that will test you in one or two movements. Scale to challenge yourself but know your limits, some of them have traps!

TEST 1: 50 shoulder to overhead - 65/95 with 15/10 calorie bike to begin and every break

FG2: 55/75

FG1: 35/45

CP1: 75/115

CP2: 95/135

Rest as needed as a group

TEST 2: Max duration pull up hang with chin above bar (chin can be in contact with top of bar)

Scale - add a band or do a ring row and hold on as long as you can with rings touching the sides of your chest

Rest as needed as a group

TEST 3: Max Lengths of walking lunge in 4 minutes

Rx: 35/50lb DB in goblet position

FG2: 20/35lb DB in goblet position

FG1: bodyweight only

CP1: 2 x 35/2x50lb db held by sides

Rest as needed as a group

CASHOUT: if time allows, 10 min assault bike, alternating between 1 min hard, 1 min easy


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