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The Queen of WODs

At one point, the word "CrossFit" was synonymous with one type of workout, actually one workout in particular. A simple combination of two movements, with a unique rep scheme, this workout was one of the first ones that Greg Glassman created.

Each workout we do creates a unique and challenging stimulus for the body. Whether it's deadlifts and hanstand pushups, running and wallballs, or pullups and box jumps, the combinations are often potent even when done in short workouts.

Without a doubt, one of the toughest movements in CrossFit, whether for high reps or low, is the thruster. It demands strength and stamina from the legs, the torso and the arms, while moving a barbell or dumbbells a fairly long way. It turns out that when you pair the thruster with the pullup, you get not only an accentuation of the strain of the workout, but also probably what is considered to be the "Queen" of all CrossFit wods.


The wod in question is "Fran". I don't think many short(ish) fitness challenges incite as much excitement or nerves that this particular challenge (although some would argue in favor of the assault bike 1 minute test). Fran requires determination and resolve to stick through tough reps and to maintain as high a work rate as possible... and in my opinion, is best done in the presence of friends!

I think I truly became a "crossfitter" when I did Fran for the first time in an actual CrossFit gym. I had done it before in the old Ian Stewart Complex, with a random neutral grip pullup bar and metal plates... but when I walked into a "real" crossfit gym and did the wod, the experience was completely different.

So yes, for FNL this week, we are taking on the workout Fran. I will be erasing the previous scores on the board and we will start fresh! There will be a time cap of 15 minutes, but I encourage you to try to take on the Rx wod if you think you can get it done in under 10-12 minutes. If you're unsure of that, then hit up a scaled version, and smash it with all out speed to get the full frantastic feeling :)

So don't hate me, it's all out of love, and get ready for an electric evening this Friday. And if you haven't already, sign up for a heat, show up 15-20 minutes early, and be ready to throw down as of your heat start time!

See ya then,


PS. we'll have some draw prizes to hand out also, so all the more reason to come out and throw down!




10 cossack squats

50 skips

10 wallballs

5/side leg up and overs


Think of this as a "priming" session for your legs ahead of Fran. Feel free to go heavy-ish on the later rounds but better to avoid going to max! Work on speed on the way up and posture/control on the way down.


A classic monostructural - weightlifting couplet, this will continue to prepare your legs for running in Murph and the power snatches will force you to be efficient and powerful under fatigue. Ideally you'll want to get your power snatches unbroken for most rounds, but quick short breaks halfway is fine also.

4 rounds for time of:

Run, 400 m

10 Hang Power Snatches, 95/65 lbs

FG2: 45-55/55-75

FG1: bar only

CP1: 75/115

CP2: 95/135


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