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The Space Between

That's a REP!! Congratulations Victoria!! Photo: Oscar Bravo

Team! As of Monday at 5pm, the initial stage of the 2021 Open will be over!!!

That doesn't mean that the fun is over yet though, as we will be taking on some of the quarterfinals wods in class in about 10 days time. So although many of you might be wanting a rest of sorts, its time to stay committed to building fitness for that upcoming series of tests.

We're going to get back into some pretty tough lifting and metcons in order to do that, and you'll likely see some higher level skills coming through also.

If you're a bit banged up from the Open (physically or emotionally!) then take each workout a bit easier and be nice to your body!

Get your intramural scores in by 5pm Monday also... as we tally up the first 3 weeks to see who is looking good going into the Quarterfinals :)




WARM UP: 5 min AMRAP: 3 dowel dislocates, 5 double crunch, 7 pushups, 9 squats


We didn't get to hit a solid snatch 1rm in the build up to the Open, so we're going to hit it now... I know I know you may be feeling a bit fatigued... but maybe also inspired? Give it your best shot and use technique as your guide for how heavy you should go!

14 min to establish a 1rm in the snatch. Do as many sets as you want, but we recommend the following:

5, 3, 3, 2, 2, 1, 1....


A classic burn here featuring a couple of movements that didn't come up in the first part of the Open, but likely will in the quarterfinals. Good luck!

In 14 mins do:

Assault Bike, 2400/1800 m (buy in)

then in the remaining time, AMRAP of:

10 Deadlifts, 185/125 lbs

12/6 Ring Dips

14 Box Jumps

Coaches will stagger the start in bigger classes!

FG3: sub 20/14 HR pushups or banded ring dips

FG2: bar weight 95/135, box step ups

FG1: scale bar and box as needed, modified pushups

CP1: Muscle up into ring dips, 225/155


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