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The story of the Games 2021

Hey team, the CrossFit Games 2021 are a ways behind us, but they were an event of pretty epic proportions. The Games were also fairly unique in that they actually ran... with many similar types of competitions being postponed or cancelled.

CrossFit HQ has been putting together episodes on the Games called "Miles to Madison". I think they give a really unique view behind the scenes of the competition... including planning events, challenges with athletes due to Covid, and of course the wins and defeats in the actual events. The videos are quite long but well worth a watch if you want a bit more in depth view of what it was actually like on the ground in Madison this year.




15 jumping jacks

15 light russian kbs

7 empty bar front squats

PART 1: Power Clean heavy double

5 attempts, going E2M, to get a heavy triple in the power clean

Reps do not have to be touch and go but you need to get them in within the 20 second window at the start of each 2 minute interval. This isn't the longest time frame, so start conservatively and aim to only get really heavy by the last two intervals.

Rest as needed before part 2

PART 2: 3 rounds for time

Use your heaviest successful weight in the power clean double for your deadlift weight in this workout.

3 RFT:

8 deadlifts

16 single arm DB shoulder to overhead (35/50)

20 box jumps (20/24)

Rest as needed before part 3

PART 3: Assault Bike 3 min max Distance (m)

Hop on, work hard!


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