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The Vic City Reindeer Games!

Thanks Leah for the naming suggestion!

It's here team, a chance to push your limits a bit across strength, muscular endurance, and metcons!! This will be a great opportunity to see where you stand and have a lot of fun both completing the workouts and cheering on your buddies to do the same.

Here's how it works:

Here is a link to the scorecard. It is a Google form that you can fill out as you go. Feel free to enter your scores in BTWB also but we will use the Google form for the actual rankings etc. There are Scaled, Rx, and CP divisions, so be sure to select the right one and stay in the same division for the whole week. Take a look at the wods (listed below) so you can choose which division to compete in.

Enter your scores either as you complete each day or at the end of the week. You will be doing your own timing for some of the workouts, and will keep track of all your own reps and weights, so make sure you have a mini whiteboard or your phone with you to get an accurate count.

You can do the events in any order you like, although I've arranged them in the ideal format in terms of recovery and planning. Please keep your normal training schedule to avoid clogging up classes in the week - we want as many people as possible to get a chance to compete!

That's about it! All scores will need to be submitted by Saturday Dec 19 and I will look to announce the winners on Sunday or Monday.

The prizes are as follows:

First place male and female in each division:

1 Syndicate Weight Belt + 1 bag Blonyx Egg Protein + Vic City Decal

Second place male and female in each division:

1 pair of Syndicate knee sleeves + Vic City Decal + Half off any supplement

Third place male and female in each division:

1 pair of Syndicate wrist wraps + Vic City Decal


Read the descriptions carefully as there are differences in weights and movements between them!

Monday - Tuesday

Event 1: Back Squat (1rm) and Shoulder to Overhead (max reps in 1 minute, from a rack) combined total

Part A: Find your best back squat 1 rep (safely!) - Max time frame 20 minutes

Rest as needed

Part B: Max Reps Shoulder to Overhead in 1 min (use push press, push jerk, split jerk, whatever works!)

Scaled: 55/75 Rx: 75/115 CP: 95/135

Add your best weight in the squat to your total reps in the shoulder to overhead for your score. Example: 200lb squat + 25 reps = 225

Event 2: Metcon (Outside)

AMRAP 10min of ascending reps

5 wallballs, 5 DB Snatches, then 7&7, then 9&9, and so on

Scaled: 10/14lb, 15/25lb Rx & CP: 14/20, 35/50

Wednesday - Thursday

Event 3: Gymnastics Combined total

In this event, you accumulate a running total of reps of each movement, so make sure to keep accurate count! You do each movement twice (except for box jumps) in a pyramid style format, so pace yourself. Reps do not have to be unbroken, just get as many as you can!

1 min max reps, 2 minutes rest in between:


Scaled: Jumping (6” gap) Rx: Regular CP: CTB


Scaled: Single unders Rx + CP: Double unders

Air Squats

CP: Pistols

Toes to Bar

Scaled: Hanging Knee raise

Box Jump

Scaled: Step-ups (16/20) Rx: 20/24 CP: 24/30

Toes to Bar

Air Squats



Friday - Saturday:

Event 4: Max lift of the barbell complex of 3 deadlifts + 2 hang cleans

All reps need to be done without letting go of the barbell and the deadlifts need to be touch and go. Use as much time as you like to get your best weight in this complex!

Event 5: Metcon (Outside)

4 rounds for time of - Row 300m, 20 KBS (Scaled 26/35 russian swings Rx: 35/53 American Swings CP: 35/50 KB Snatches), 15/20 HR Pushups (Scaled: from knees)

Pushups can be done on a mat outside, especially if done from the knees!

That's it team! Work hard, work safely, and HAVE FUN!! If you have any questions, ask your coach or email us!

See you soon,



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