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Training Tights and Spin Bikes

Hey team,

We've got a few interesting updates for you as we move into February!

First off, we've uploaded some NEW GEAR to our online SHOP, specifically we now have athletic tights/leggings and shorts avaiable. You may have seen Coach Michelle wearing her "green sp

lash" tights around the gym over the past few weeks, and were likely wondering "how can I get a pair of those?". Well now you can, plus we have

a full range of prints and colors to choose from.

We also have athletic shorts in both black and dark blue if that's more your style, and I can attest that they are roomy enough and stretchy enough for the full range of crossfit activities.

Check them out today!

Secondly, you may have heard that your next door neighbour gym - Just Move - has started up some spin classes. Spin is a great addition to your regular Crossfit training as it helps you build your engine without stressing your joints. You can build your aerobic and anaerobic ability pretty well in spin workouts that's for sure. Any member from Vic City can try a spin class for FREE (click here), and currently we are running them on tuesdays (Michelle) and thursdays (Cam) at 530pm for 45 minutes.

As a special offer, we also have a discount on a spin class punch card of 27% off (about $13 per class) for any current or former Vic City member. Click HERE to pick one up, this discount is available until the end of March!

That's about it for now, we'll be releasing details about our 2022 Intramural Crossfit Open early next week, so until then, grab some swag and get your sweat on!

Coach Cam




3 rounds:

Lying thoracic rotation x 5/side

Double crunch x 10

empty barbell back squat x 10


Every 2:30 for 20 mins do:

4 Snatches, 115/75 lbs, 6 Toes-to-bars, 8 Box Jumps OR pistol squats OR Box Step ups

Total is 8 rounds. Really try to push the snatch weight, and if possible, work up every 3rd set so that your last two sets are the hardest. Manipulate reps on the TTB as needed to get a good stimulus, anywhere from 3-12.


Every 1:30 for 15 mins, alternating between:

12/7 Assault Bike Calories

Single Arm Dumbbell Overhead Walking Lunge, 50/35 lbs, 50 ft

Do the bike as a high intensity sprint (i.e. it should take you no longer than 30sec to get your calories), breathe and recover then steady on the walking lunge. Half the group starts on the bike portion the other half on the lunge portion. Can use rowing machine or ski erg sub for bike

Scale db as needed, you can also hold it in goblet position and adjust the distance


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