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Two of the absolute best

Braving the weather for our outside wods!

Todays WOD is a VERY special one, as two of our OG members are taking off on a new adventure. We wanted to celebrate them and what better way than by doing a workout of the movements that they crush!

Kyle and Tash have been members for a very long time, all the way back to our first location! Tash joined us by finishing On Ramp in October of 2014. Kyle joined us in January of 2015. They have been strong members in our community every since!

Showing up to each class with a great attitude, cheering on their classmates, participating in many Vic City Games, CrossFit Opens, Push Weeks, gym events, etc. they are always so supportive and what makes our community great.

They have grown so much as CrossFitters but the people they are, is what’s going to make us miss them so much. There are certain people in your life that always make you smile, cheer you up, and are just well rounded great people, and these two are those kinds of people.

Our members and coaches are so grateful for you both and we thank you for being who you are! We wish you both the best as you head up to Prince George for this new chapter in your lives, and we look forward to when you’re in town to drop in for a workout! Vic City will always be your family.

Everyone come in, and attack this workout, because you know they both will !

Coach Tia



WARM UP: 3 rounds

10 plate floor to overhead

8 dowel dislocates

4 pushup into down dog


6 X 3 REPS E90s

Build a bit as you go to a couple of tougher sets by the end


Named for Kyle and Tash Orr/Olive, this is going to be a knockout of a wod!

This is a PARTNER WORKOUT in which both partners can be working at the same time. You get to switch when you want, and chip away at any movements you want, just make sure to keep track of your reps as you go through. Using time might be a good idea (i.e. 1 min work stations), and you don't have to do the same reps of anything as your partner... just get it done and send these two off with style!

TRY TO PAIR UP WITH SOMEONE TALL FOR THIS, ESPECIALLY IF YOU'RE A SHORTER INDIVIDUAL. TWO SHORT STACKS IS GOING TO BE A TOUGH GO! (now that I've said that, the shorties are going to revolt and do it out of spite...)

For time:

200 wallballs

300 double unders

4000m row

FG: scale wallballs as needed, 600 singles


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