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Weigh Yourself Up

Hey team,

With the iconic MURPH wod approaching at the end of the month, you'll start to see options for using weight vests in our wods. The "Rx" version of Murph includes a weight vest of 14lb for women and 20lb for men, adding just a "little" extra challenge to the volume of running and calisthenics that the wod entails.

Aside from the Murph wod, weight vests are a great way to add some challenge to your every day training. If you want to spice up some pullups, pushups, squats, lunges, step ups, stair or hill runs, or add weight for a hike, a weight vest is a super convenient and comfortable way to do so. If you happen to be gymnastically blessed, you can even add a weight vest to your high level skills like handstand pushups and muscle ups.

Before I grabbed my weight vest about 6 years ago, I was frustrated with the options and prices available. With that in mind, I pursued picking up a bunch by myself so you all would have a convenient and cost effective way of getting the weight vest into your training!

The "lightweight" vest has quick release buckles and has less bulk overall for people looking for a minimalist vest

These vests are built with very strong attention to detail and with the same quality materials and construction you would expect from large brands. The pockets that hold the weights are super strong and secure, and you can adjust to your own waist and shoulder size. At the moment, I have three types available, and in general, they will fit most small to medium/large sized people. I'll be bringing them in tomorrow for people to check out and see if the fit is right before purchasing (because you want your weight vest to be "comfortable", trust me!).

Grey vest - with lots of room for adding patches of your choosing!

I'm offering these at a special price also in the leadup to Murph with the hopes that more of you will get to experience the "joy" of weight vest workouts. I will say that without a doubt that wearing weight vests for certain training sessions makes the "unweighted" wods that much nicer... pullups, running, lunges, all feel amazing after getting used to carrying 10-30lb extra around!

Special prices are: $120 plus GST for the lightweight vest and $150 plus GST for the full vest!

Let me know if you have any questions and definitely feel free to come check them out in the office and try them on for size as of tomorrow midday!




WARM UP: 5 min flow

3 inchworms

5 pushups

7 plate floor to overhead

9 ring or barbell rows


Take 18 min to build from bar to a heavy 5. This may not be your best ever set of 5 as we're just starting with our bench press training, but will be a good benchmark for later in this strength phase!

Share a bench if you feel comfortable or sub a floor press in if not! Don't be afraid to ask for a spot (even just having someone close if needed is a good idea at those heavier weights)

Do NOT rush. Do some reps with the bar, somehting REALLY light, then build slowly from there. Ideally you would do about 6-8 sets depending on what your top weight is. If you hit your max early, back off by 10-15% and do more sets to get a better training effect.

WOD: Leg Force and Power

This wod is all about maximizing your most powerful muscle fibers in a short(ish) combo of Front squats and bike sprints.

6 rounds, going E3M of:

3 reps front squat (strong, aggressive reps)

Assault bike sprint 6/10 cals (must be under 20 seconds, so scale up or down to achieve this)

Build every third set on Front Squats and push the strength on these! A short break of 10-15 seconds before starting your bike sprint is fine, but get your work done in the first minute of the interval.

Can take bar from floor or rack. Rack is probably better in this format to preserve some more strength and power for the bike!


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