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Weight Room

It's kinda what we are right now, but also kinda not. The differences between a room full of weights and our Crossfit Vic City community are many. The people, the cameraderie, the coaching, the programming... the being part of a worldwide fitness movement.

Even though your booked gym times have been looking a bit different lately, the people are constant. Your friends are still here, and they want to see you and see your effort. Your coaches are still here, and want to help you gain fitness and live a healthier, better life. Even the programming is here still in spirit, and we're still rolling along on our yearly plan.

So dig in team. Nothing lasts forever and this certainly won't.

Stay strong and see you soon,


PS. It is likely that there will be more guidance coming on Friday regarding running our gym for the next while. When that comes out we'll plan, adjust, and share.





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