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Who is more Fit - Tia or Mat?

Hey team,

A pretty interesting video was just posted on youtube from CrossFit HQ. They analyzed the results from the previous stage of the CrossFit Games to see who was more fit - Tia Toomey or Mat Fraser. They do a pretty good job of creating objective standards outside of just the workout times in the wods they performed.

CrossFit is one of those activities that really showcases the power and abilities of women in athletic pursuits. It is just as frequent for a woman to beat a man in a workout as it is for the opposite... and that is part of what makes this activity so great. In terms of parity in exposure at the Games level, the female athletes are just as watched as the men, and have always had the exact same prize purses... something that virtually no other sport can claim.

So place some bets beforehand and watch the video to see who comes out on top so far!





2 rounds of: 5 cobra to childs pose and 2/side spiderman lunge with twist


2 rounds of: 12 plate floor to overheads, 12 plate bent over rows, 12 plate squats (hold plate at chest)

WOD: Power clean and floor press!

This workout builds weight as the reps drop. For those of you with lots of strength in both of these movements, try to hit the rx weights or start at an appropriate weight and add as you go.

If increasing each round won't work for you, you can choose to hold the same weight across all sets!


10 Power Cleans, 135/85 lbs 10 Floor Press, 135/85 lbs

8 Power Cleans, 155/95 lbs 8 Floor Press, 155/95 lbs

6 Power Cleans, 175/105 lbs 6 Floor Press, 175/105 lbs

4 Power Cleans, 195/115 lbs 4 Floor Press, 195/115 lbs

2 Power Cleans, 205/125 lbs 2 Floor Press, 205/125 lbs

FG2 - start 30-40lb lighter and build or hold across the same weight

FG1- keep it light and work on technique!

CP1: start at 155/95, up to 215/135

CP2: start at 175/105 up to 225/145

Cashout: E3M x 5 for QUALITY

Go lighter and stay smooth! Rounds may be cut down to 4 if time is short!

12/8 Ttb and 14 single arm oh DB REVERSE lunges


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