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WOD FEST day 1

Hello all!

The time has come! We have a couple of solid challenges for your exercising enjoyment on Mon-Tues.

We've been working on some Olympic weightlifting recently, and here is a great opportunity to showcase your snatching ability with our first event. It is a 3 rep max snatch, with 6 attempts to get your best weight. You can put down the bar and re-set between reps, but you have to get all reps done within the first 30 seconds of each time interval.

Power or squat snatches (or even split snatches??) are allowed, so whatever technique allows you to perform the best weight in the safest manner is your objective.

Event 2 is all about fast, repeated reps on a few very important CrossFit Open skills. You'll rotate through the movements on a tabata timer, working for 20 seconds with 10 seconds rest in between. Be sure to keep an accurate record of your reps on each movement as your total reps is your score. Bring in a piece of paper and pen to stay on top of the numbers!

If you go all out, just be careful as with 5 rounds through, you'll be hurting in the latter half. Keep your gear at 90% of full speed and you'll likely be all right!

That's it team, get in and get after it :)




WARM UP: 3 rounds

20 jumping jacks, 5 dowel dislocates, 5 overhead squats, 10 glute bridge.


6 attempts, on a 2:30 timer, to get your best weight for 3 reps. Must get all three reps in the first 30 seconds of each interval.


5 rounds through, working 20 sec, resting 10 sec between movements. Total reps is your score!

Rx: bar weight 75/115, chest to bar pullups, lateral barhop burpees

Scaled: bar weight 55/75, jumping pullups (6" minimum from top of head to bottom of pullup bar), lateral step over burpee

CP: bar weight 95/135, bar MU


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