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Work it Wednesdays

Don showing us the pleasure of the Assault bike!

PC Oscar Bravo

Fun challenge for this mid week wod! Aim to challenge yourself on the deadlifts and cruise through the rest.

You should aim to have 2ish minutes of rest for each interval.

Take a big breath after that bike so your double unders can be as unbroken as possible.

Good Luck Everyone!



WARMUP: 3 rounds

3 inchworms

6 slow kb halos (3 per side)

12 kb swings

24 jacks or single skips

WOD: Strength & Aerobic EMOM

Every 5min for 30mins complete:


5 Deadlifts (225/155)

10 Single arm DB shoulder to overhead (50/35) *5 reps per arm

15/10 Assault bike cals

25 Double Unders

FG3- 185/125, 10 DU per round

FG2- 135-155/95-115, scale DB, 50 single skips

FG1- scale weight as needed

CP1- 265/195, 50/70

CP2- 315/225, db/kb clean and jerks (53/70)


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