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Redefine Your Fitness

Review the options below to see our range of programs and how to get started in our fitness community!

FREE Intro Classes

Spend one hour with a coach, get some info about our gym and try a workout that can be scaled to ANY fitness level :)  If the available days and times don't work for your schedule, just zip us an email and we'll set something up just for you!

CrossFit Fundamentals

Ready to jump right into learning the ropes of CrossFit?  Our Integrated Fundamentals sessions are:

  • Open to anyone who is injury free

  • Are scale-able to ALL Levels!

  • Integrated with our regular programming


Our professional coaches will lead you through the whole session and you can attend any sessions that fit your schedule!

Mon&Wed:  7pm-8pm

Tues:  7am, 12 noon, 4pm

Th:  6:15am, 12noon

Sat:  7:45am, 9:45am

Complete 12 classes before moving on to our regular classes.  Once you've signed up for a membership below, you'll be able to pre-register for classes.

CrossFit Classes

The ultimate fitness program, combining elements of weightlifting, interval training, kettlebells, gymnastics, and more!  Finish your 12 Lifestyles classes and/or Personal Training Sessions and enroll today.

Personal Training

Connect with your coach and start sessions tailored towards your individual goals!  Our trainers will help you to prepare for a sports event, wedding, entering our CrossFit classes, or simply becoming a more fit and healthy you.  

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