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fitness and nutrition redefined


At CrossFit Vic City, we understand that effective fitness training PLUS a solid nutrition plan is the best combination for optimal health and performance. Sustainable and sensible nutrition strategies create the foundation for your daily energy, the building blocks of  your body's tissues, and recovery from training and life stress. 


Our approach to nutrition isn't about meal plans and templates, but instead focuses on:


A healthy relationship with food

Short and long term goal setting

Improving daily habits

Education for long term healthy eating patterns

Our philosophy around nutrition and coaching service is to help you achieve your goals through education, support, and accountability. With the help of our personable and experienced coaches, we aim to streamline your progress through one-on-one coaching.












If you are interested in improving your relationship with food, seeing positive changes in your body composition, increasing your performance in the gym, and doing that with a healthy sustainable approach... VCN is for you!

At VCN, our approach is team-based and client focused. We will be working together to develop goals, strategies, problem solve, and ultimately build a balanced lifestyle! Our mission is to provide education around nutrition and together, build long-term, sustainable habits that work for YOU and your lifestyle. 

Based on your goals, exercise activity, exercise type, and lifestyle, we will set up an individualized program. Our coaches thrive on fostering empowerment and confidence in their clients through one-on-one coaching, in-depth check-ins, providing education, accountability, and being your support system on your journey.


You want an individualized program, not a cookie cutter or template approach

You have worked on your nutrition on your own, but haven't reached your goals

You need accountability and someone to check-in with 

You are seeking individualized education around food choices

You require support in your journey and someone to help guide you along the way 

You need help setting goals  related to your nutrition and learning long-term sustainable habits to achieve them! 

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These are just some of the reasons you might be seeking one-on-one nutrition coaching - and we can help you with all of it! 



What we love about our VCN Coaches is that they all coach at CrossFit Vic City as well. Cam, Megan, Kirst, and Heather value exercise and nutrition and are all knowledgeable in aligning your exercise routine with your nutrition goals. Click their photos to go to their personal bios!


Cam Birtwell

MSc Exercise Physiology

NASM Certified Nutrition Coach

Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist

CrossFit Level 2 Certified


Screen Shot 2020-08-27 at 9.08.24 AM.png

PN LV2 Masters Certification

NCCP Level 1 Olympic Weightlifting

ASFA Sr Fitness Instructors Certification

CF-LV1 Certified

Heather Cameron

Screen Shot 2020-08-27 at 9.27.03 AM.png

Precision Nutrition Lv1

B.Sc in Human Ecology

BCRPA Group Ftiness

CF-LV1 Certified

Kirst Riewe


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Thorough intake process, including a questionnaire and 30 minute Zoom/phone consultation

  • Weekly macro/calorie/lifestyle coaching via email

  • Goal setting and progress checks 

  • Monthly 30 min Zoom/phone check in

  • Free 4-6 week Body Composition Assessments with our brand new X-One Pro machine!

Thorough intake process, including a questionnaire and 30 minute Zoom/Phone consultation

  • Weekly coach calls (20 min) or check in emails

  • Text access with your coach daily

  • Goal setting and progress checks

  • Free 4-6 week Body Composition Assessments with our brand new X-One Pro machine!

Contact Coach Cam for General Enquiries: 

Level 2 - 150$/month

Level 3 - 300$/month

Enhanced Coach Contact and Support - the ultimate 1-1 Coaching Experience!

Accountability - Individualized Coaching - Attain your goals faster!!

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