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Squad Goals

Hey Vic City,

Late post from me after a long weekend throwing down with the largest Vic City squad in team history. As mentioned earlier, we had 5 teams: Vic City 3 - Caleb, Caileigh, France, and Zeke; Vic City Mafia - Dub, Phil, Meghan, and Jaclyn; Victoria's Secret - Dan BB, Adam, Alex M., and Emily; 2 Jerks and 2 Snatches - Kristjan, Alex D., Katie, and Val; Vic City Force - Tanner, Dave, Lindsay, and Tara. These teams were accompanied by three Master's athletes: Karen 39-44, Kevin 45+, and Mark 45+, and two individual athletes: Audrey, and Eryn.

It was an unreal experience to throwdown on the same floor with my regional teammates whom were on different teams in this competition, as well as some first timers and everyone in between. I was blown away with the standards that all our athlete's held themselves to, when at times it seemed that some other teams and individuals were trying to pull a fast one on some of the judges.

Day 2 was extremely challenging having a decently high volume of toe to bar in the first team workout, followed by either muscle-ups or rope climbs in the final event. On a regular day this might appear easier for most, but the accumulated abdominal fatigue was unaccounted for, and was quickly starting to set in from the previous two days full or laughter.

Yes we were there to compete in a CrossFit competition, but the off the floor bonding was what made this a remarkable display of Vic City spirit.

Missed out on doing the competition? Want to get in on some of the action? Training for Monday/Tuesday is team event 1. Want to see how your score stacks up against all the teams, or just want to see how all our above mentioned athletes finished, check the online leaderboard here.

Huge congratulations to all the athletes that competed. Also, just as importantly, thank you to all the fans, friends, and volunteers that make events like this possible.

Enjoy the workout and train hard,



Training Monday - Tuesday

Warm - up: 2 rounds - 15 light wallballs, 5-10 pullups or ring rows, 5 broad jumps

Skill: Deadlift 5 x 5 E2m

Work up but stay nice and smooth!

WOD: FVT Bar Complex

This is a variation of the bar complex that our team athletes had to tackle this past weekend. Be sure to scale based on your overhead squat ability!

You will partner up with someone who is at the same level as you and you will share a bar. Total reps completed between the two of you will be your score!

Rx: In partners, complete an 8 minute AMRAP through the following sequence:

5 front squats, 4 shoulder to overhead, 3 overhead squats (75/115). You may trade over anytime in the sequence and your partner continues where you left off.

TG: Bar only

FG: 65/95

Comp: 95/135

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