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Finishing Your Row!

Quite often the most common rowing fault we see is the lack of a finish in the stroke. There is a fairly simple fix that allows for a massive amount of increased power output and a reduced amount of fatigue while rowing. The use of your legs is the most important part of the stroke and the finish position will be strongest when the legs are at their longest. If the knees remain bent or only straighten for a brief moment, there is a loss of power. The fix is as simple as ensuring your legs are strong while they straighten and remain straight until the handle has reached your body. Rowing comes up often enough that you will get a chance to practice this soon, but in the meantime watch this CrossFit HQ video on the finish position. They have some great tips that I didn't cover that will also assist you in becoming a better rower.


Coach Caleb



10 OH dowel lunges

8 OH squats

6 passthroughs

SKILL: Review tech and pacing for WOD WOD: Death by Clean and Jerk or Snatches

This is a classic on the minute ladder that starts off easy and gets difficult in very short order. Choose which you want to work on more - cleans or snatches. If you did the upscaled version of Jackie then opt for the snatches in this wod!

Rx: One clean and jerk (or snatch) the first minute, 2 the second, 3 the third and so on until you can't make the reps inside the minute. Your score is your last complete round! Weights: 95/135 (cleans), 75/115 (snatches)

TG: Scale bar as needed, consider hang versions

FG: Bar weights 55-75/75-115

Comp: 125-145/185-205 (cleans), 95-125/135-185 (snatches)

CASH-OUT: 5 rounds of 10 tough ring rows, 15 double crunch

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