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Serious Sleep

Hey Vic City,

With daylight savings time ending this past weekend, we all gained an extra hour to do whatever we wanted. I cashed in my 60 minutes of "free time" to get a few extra "Zs". Although this only happens once a year, I'd strongly recommend taking your sleep serious 365 days a year.

I know the struggle can be real for the people with long hours at the office, with children etc. However, if at all possible, try to get more quality sleep each night. Often, the biggest excuse for going to bed late is that one is too busy and doesn't have enough time to sleep. I would strongly disagree. The most rested you are, the more efficient you will be. This holds true to CrossFit as well. The less fatigued you are at work, the faster you will be able to complete a set amount of work. At the gym, the less fatigued you are the faster you will be able to complete a set amount of work (aka the WOD). Know when enough is enough. Get everything you need to get done at work and home, then without adding more, save the rest for another time. At Vic City, we don't send you through 3 or 4 or 5 workouts in a day because we know that is too much and by the end everyone would be agitated and very inefficient. The same applies to your work outside the box.

If we still don't have enough time to get more sleep, cut out some screen time. Turn those nightly Netflix binges into an episode every second day. Let's be honest here, once we complete the season, we go through withdrawl, so slow down and space it out.

Train hard and rest up,



Training Monday - Tuesday

Warm-up: 2 rounds - 5 inchworms, 7 pushups, 9 dowel dislocates, 30 sec hollow or plank hold

Skill: HSPU progressions - E2M x 5

- Wall walk + 10 sec hold

- Kick up with 10 sec hold

- Scaled strict hspu (6-10)

- Strict hspu (6-10)

WOD: Rotato 5.0

Switch on the minute. This is not meant to be a "crusher" but instead a station workout with quick and accurate reps. No score today.

Rx: 5 rounds, rotating each minute to the next exercise of:

- 24 double unders

- 12 wallballs

- 10 pullups

- 8 box jumps

- 6 burpees (perfect pushups please)

TG/FG: scale movements as needed

Comp: 48 du, heavy wallballs, high box, burpee with 180* turn

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