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KILOPHILIC (aka loving dem kilos)

VCW Athlete Josh lifting - PC - Herman Chan

Hey all,

Last weekend an intrepid group left the sheltered shores of Victoria and ventured over to the mainland. Their mission was to compete in Olympic Weightlifting, and compete they did!

The even was called the KilOpen and it was a well attended event, as well as a BC provincial qualifier.

The group was made up of some of our members and some of the larger Vic City Weightlifting group coached by the talented (and entertaining) Rachel Siemens. In all, there were 11 athletes competing under the Vic City Weightlifting banner!

Official Olympic Weightlifting competitions are no joke - it's just you out there on the platform, virtually complete silence, everyone staring right at you, and three judges to say yes or no to your lifts. On top of that, you only get three attempts each at the snatch and the clean and jerk.

Here is the list of competitors:

Georgia Cameron

Heather Cameron

Darby Sutton

Sally Murphy

Sophie Austin

Robin Farrell

Craig Hofer

Zeke Cabell

Josh Leangen

Sean Lind

Jeremy Angus

The group competed very strongly with 5 of them securing podium finishes. Rachel and Caleb coached them through it, so props to them too!

A complete list of results can be found here:

Great work everyone!


Training Wednesday - Thursday

Warm-up: 3 rounds with an empty barbell - 8 deadlift, 8 hang power clean, 8 push press

Skill: Hang Power Snatch 5 x 5 E90s

Work up as you go!

WOD: Death by Wallball 2's

Simple, yet savagely effective. Yes, you'll all joke around in the early rounds, but that will go away really quickly. In big classes, utilize the outside breezeway beams! Stay true to good reps!

This can also be run as a multiple heat workout.

Rx: 2 reps first minute, 4 reps second minute, 6 reps... and so on until you cannot attain the designated reps! (14/20lb)

TG: Scale ball and throw height as needed

FG: 10/14lb ball

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