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CrossFit Open Meeting - Affiliate Teams!

Hey gang,

We are pursuing two teams to qualify for the 2017 Regionals this coming CrossFit Games season. To do this, we will need full effort across the board. It will be a VERY difficult task, but I think we might have the depth to get two teams through.

We will be splitting the gym into two teams. Our "First Team" will be made up of the top 4 women and top 4 men that we have in the gym. We will hold a selection process for this top team in early January - exact date TBA.

The "Second Team" will consist of all other gym members. What we will need each week is for people to step up and perform their best so that we secure three solid mens and womens scores. Many of you have very high levels of fitness that are well suited for the Open workouts. What we need you to do is focus all of your efforts (if you are willing) to prepare yourself for mid February. If we do qualify a team from this second group, that team will be made up of the top 4 placing women and men.

This coming Saturday we will be discussing these items in more detail. If you are available and interested, please come by and get the details. The meeting will start at 11:30am and run for up to a half hour.

Hope to see you there! If you cannot attend, let me know and we can forward relevant info to you.



Training Wednesday - Thursday

Warm-up: 3 rounds - 6-10 pushups, 6-10 wallballs, 6-10 pullups

WOD: Team 36

This is a team workout, based around groups of 3 people. You'll spend 3 minutes at a rowing station, 3 minutes at an airdyne station, and repeat that sequence 6 times. Each team member will do 1 minute of work at each station and your goal is to achieve as many calories as possible in the total of the 36 minutes.

Rx: see above!

TG: Scale number of rounds to 3-5

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