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Double WOD!

Hey guys! We have a tough double burner for you today. Gemini will test your ability to push hard for a short period, recover quickly and dig deep a second time. These WODs are tough mentally but you will want to keep your focus on the task at hand. If you aren't careful, you can let yourself slip and think about the second WOD and how hard it will be. That will cause you to slow down to preserve energy for WOD #2. However, the 6 minute rest is fairly substantial and should give you enough time to recooperate for the second task so avoid thinking about what is to come and instead concentrate on the work in front of you.

Depending on class sizes, you may be required to start at either WOD #1 or WOD #2, so come in prepared for that scenario to play out. Either way, you will get one hell of a workout in (or two!)


Coach Caleb



6 dowel passthroughs

8 OH squats

10 double crunch

SKILL: 3 Hang Power Snatch + 1 OHS OTM x 8


This is a combination of two short AMRAPs. Your total reps between the two is your score!


WOD 1: 6 min AMRAP of - 6 ctb pullups, 8 wallballs, 10 SD box jumps

Rest 6 min

WOD 2: 6 min AMRAP of - 10 taters (35/53), 8 burpees with a lateral jump over your KB

TG: ring rows, scale wallball, box jumps, and kb as needed, regular burpees

FG1: assisted pullups, scale rest

FG2: regular pullups, Rx rest

Comp: 1/3 ring MU, KB heavier

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