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Handstand Help

Hey Vic City,

Over the past few months we have really been working on our handstand push-ups. In the beginning we saw them come up in the skill portion of our workout. Having them as a skill gave us the most time to practice different scaling options, get feedback from our coach, and work on our reps with little fatigue. As we progressed, handstand push-ups started to come up during the WOD, often as one of the stations in a Rotato WOD. Having them in an OTM workout, gives us just enough rest so we can practice them while our heart rate is well above resting levels.

In Rotato Eight Point Oh, our Monday/Tuesday WOD, we see handstand push-ups come up once again. This gives us another opportunity to work on this challenging skill. For myself, strict handstand push-ups have never been a forté, but I've been able to make a lot of little improvements by playing around with hand, head, and elbow position, along with timing of when to press up, etc. If you are struggling, I'd urge you to play with that yourself. I often look at CrossFit's video to help me find ways to increase my efficiency with movements, and if there is one person in the CrossFit world that I trust when it comes to bodyweight movements, it is Chris Spealler. Below is a video from all the back in 2012, but the ideas in my mind still hold true. I'd strongly recommend giving the first few minutes a watch if you are looking to improve your handstand push-ups.




Training Monday - Tuesday

Warm - up: Rowling 200m x 3 each person

WOD: Rotato Eight Point Oh

Time to get more skill practice in! Barbells will be taken from the floor for the front squats! No score for today

Rx: Rotate every minute between the following stations for 5 cycles

- Front Squat 7 reps

- Row 8/10 calories

- Handstand pushups 6-10 reps

- Double KB Bent Over Row 10 reps

- Double unders 30 reps

TG: scale movements as needed, single skips

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