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Maximum Strength

Hey all,

After that crusher long workout on Monday and Tuesday, we're going to switch gears. It's always nice to know where you stand on some key max lifts, so we're going to test three on Wed-Thurs.

We've been working on Front Squats for a while, so we will hit those first. As always, the goal is to make sure you are being safe with your lifting, even when going to max. Focus on an excellent set up at the top of the lift, control your speed on the way down, and commit to a strong stand up.

You'll then move on to Push Press. This lift is a great indicator of your ability to produce power from the hips and transfer it through to the upper body. Keep your torso upright during the dip, and get aggressive on your hip extension. Once that bar is moving above your head, don't give up on it - a true max push press will feel like you are almost pushing against a ceiling.

Lastly, we will test Strict Pullups. Although we don't do a lot of strict pullup work, kipping usually transfers well into our ability to do strict reps. In this scenario, try to add weight via a weight belt or dummbell, or if you are working with a band, try to progressively reduce the amount of assistance you are using.

Have fun gang, and make sure to record what your numbers are for future reference!


Training Wednesday - Thursday

Warm-up: 3 rounds with an empty barbell: 8 deadlift, 8 hang power snatch, 8 back squat. Rest, stretch forearms and wrists in between each round.

WOD: Triple Max

Record your total weight achieved via the Front Squat and Push Press, but not pullups.

1. 16 minutes to achieve a 1rm in the front squat. Start with an empty barbell.

2. 12 minutes to achieve a 1rm in the push press.

3. 12 minutes to achieve a 1rm in the strict pullup

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