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Super Bowl Hangover

Hey Vic City,

Studies show that over 70% of us watched the Super Bowl this year. Findings from studies also indicate that 10% of us will miss work on Monday. Don't let that Super Bowl hangover to cause you to miss your workout! Regardless of if your favourite team won or lost, don't have an excuse for missing your Monday workout.

Caleb wrote about the benefits of having a training partner to keep you honest during times like this. Click this link if you missed that last blog. Another benefit of having friends, is getting a group together to share in a moment of history like what we witness in the Super Bowl. Super Bowl Sunday is always a great time to grabs some friends and huddle around the TV.

Do you need another excuse to hang out with your friends and bond over some new TV? CrossFit is set to release the 2016 Games edition documentary. It is titled "Fittest on Earth: A Decade of Fitness." I would like to get a group together to watch this, maybe it could also add some inspiration for the upcoming Open. The trailer for the film has been released but the date on the movie release is still TBD, so because of that, time/date/location for our viewing party is still to come. However, if you are interested comment below, and I'll let you know more once we have more details.

See you Monday, stay fit and don't miss!



Training Monday - Tuesday

Warm-up: 5 min of Cindy

Skill WOD: EMP

This is an interval workout, with the goal of executing PERFECT reps in a crisp and efficient manner. No score, but keep track of your intervals and work to keep them at the same pace thoughout. Adjust weight as needed for the barbell but don't be afraid of going a bit on the heavier side (can be broken up into two sets of 4).

Rx: E3M x 5 rounds:

8 hang power clean + oh

8-16 ctb pullups

10 box jumps

TG: scale as needed, ring rows

FG: regular or assisted pullups

Comp: 1-5 bar or ring MU PLUS 8-12 ctb per round

CONDITIONING: With a partner, 14 min for calories on Assault bike or Rower, switching every minute. Leaderboard for this component!

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