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Sunday Fundraiser Sunday!

Hey guys! Just a reminder that this weekend we are running a fundraiser at the Star Cinema to help the Vic City Regionals crew get to Portland next month. Here are some of the quick details:

What: Screening of the 2017 CrossFit documentary "Fittest on Earth: A Decade of Fitness When: Sunday, May 7th, 4pm

Where: Star Cinema

Who: Every is welcome, bring a friend!

Price: $15 per ticket (can be purchased at Vic City or at the door)

More details can be found HERE at the Facebook event page. If you want to help the team, but can't make it to the fundraiser, we have a GoFundMe campaign going HERE. Thank-you for all of your support! Check out the trailer below!


WARM-UP: 400m KB carry, switch every 100m

Suitcase, front rack, OH carry

SKILL: Warm up the movements for the WOD


This workout is not for time or weight but for quality. Select weights that will be challenging and aim to maintain them throughout the rotations. Coaches, this wod will run for 32 min.

Rx: Rotating EMOM between the following stations for 8 rounds total of each:

1. Sumo Deadlift - 3-5 reps moderate weight

2. Strict Pullups - 3-5 reps

3. High Box Jump - 3-5 reps

4. KB/DB Strict Press (1 arm) - 3-5 reps per side per round

TG: Scale movements as needed

CP: Strict or Kip MU

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