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Practice WOD

Today's WOD is a great opportunity to PRACTICE movements. Technique is often the limiting factor with barbell movements. If we load the weight too heavy, working on technique becomes very difficult. Use this WOD as an opportunity to improve your movement. Be deliberate on every rep and shoot for excellence, not just completion. For that reason, there is no score today to allow you to focus more on the process and less on the results. Be CAREFUL on the high box jumps!

Coach Caleb



4 broad jumps - build in distance per jump

4 KB push press per arm

8 goblet squats

SKILL: Power Snatch tech review


This wod is not for a score but rather to help you perfect your technique in several lifts. If the bar weight is a bit light for some movements, slow them down or work on perfect accuracy. This type of workout, when executed correctly, will help you achieve better scores in full metcons so resist the urge to go too heavy.

Rx: Rotating EMOM x 7 (35 min)

- 4-6 power snatch

- 4-6 shoulder to overhead

- 6-8 front squats

- 4 high box jumps

- rest an extra minute

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