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Maximum tension maximum focus

Well, Day 1 of PUSH week is in the books, and it was an incredible way to start off! Absolutely outstanding lifts across the board, with too many PR's to count.

It's worth mentioning that while we don't train at max weights all the time, your max lifting ability is very good. This is because we can get all the necessary strength and technique adaptations at 75-90% weights with less risk and strain than going to absolute max all the time.

Great adherence to strong technique in the deadlifts today gang and I know some of you wanted to keep going when pulled back by our coaches. I'm glad that you listened to their advice as that is what we are here for - to provide the safest possible environment for you to improve your fitness.

Great turnout today resulting in a completely empty series of weight racks during the 5pm class!



WARM-UP: 3 rounds: 30 jumping jacks, 10 double crunch, 6 samson lunges

SKILL: Review of HSPU and techniques for TTB and DU

WOD: Gyronimo

A PUSH week special, this workout will test your skill and stamina! You've got to have all your skills dialed to get a solid score on this one and make sure to scale appropriately to your level.

*56 reps per round*

CP: 8 minute amrap: 8 strict hspu, 12 ttb, 36 double unders

Rx: 8 minute amrap: 30 sec handstand hold OR 8 kipping hspu, 12 ttb, 36 double unders

FG: 8 minute amrap: 8 pushups, 12 double crunch, 36 single skips

Cash-out: 10-12 min easy assault bike, row, or run


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