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Skill Progression

Hey Vic City,

There are so many gymnastic milestones that we all chase in CrossFit. That memorable first bar or ring muscle up, stringing together a set of toes to bar, and butterfly pull-ups, just to name a few.

Having worked with different athletes with a variety of strength and mobility backgrounds, I find the best approach for tackling any skill should follow 3 steps.

1) Strength development - As sexy as kipping movements are, training strict movement will transfer to higher volume of kipping sets. Do you want to string multiple toes to bar together, work on strict toes to bar, first.

2) Proper progressions and mobility work - Are you looking to get that first muscle up? You've worked on step 1, the strength development, you can do strict chest to bar pull-ups and strict dips.. Great! Now, you are just missing that transition. There is a plethora of drills to help iron out that move from below the bar or rings to supporting yourself above that apparatus. Often times CrossFit posts great progressions on YouTube for many of the skills you many be working towards.

Mobility work too, can play a factor, thinking about toes to bar, you need to get your toes to the bar. Working on mobility to allow your hamstrings to flex enough, will help once you have developed that strength in the core to raise your legs up to the bar.

3) Movement practice - Too often people skip the prior two steps and try some of the most advanced movements. Sure sometimes, it works out, but that is rarely the case. Make sure you are hitting the first two steps, and it never hurts to go back to them, either. Even more advanced athletes can used strict movements, such as weighted pull-ups or deficit handstand push-ups as another way to build a foundation for greater sets of kipping down the road.

Keep building that foundation, and see you in the gym!


Tanner building that handstand push-up foundation with deficit reps


Training Wednesday - Thursday

Warm-up: 4 rounds - 8 double crunch, 4 inchworm

Skill: Power Clean + Push Jerk review

WOD: OTM Clean and DL

This workout is not for a score! You will be working a complex movement with a simple conditioning movement and the goal is to balance fatigue and technique. Scale to a weight you can handle securely for the full volume of reps.

Rx: 5 rounds each (10 min), alternating on the minute:

Power Clean + Push Jerk 3 reps (70-80% of max clean) and Barhop burpees 7 reps. *Can vary this up by doing hang clean and push jerk with dbs or kbs for 6-8 reps

Right into

5 rounds each (10 min), alternating on the minute:

Deadlift (same weight of bar) 10 reps alternated with double unders 21 reps

FG/TG: Scale movements as needed (regular burpees, single unders)

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