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Unsticking Sticky Positions

Hey Vic City,

I hope everyone is enjoying the holiday season. This time of year it might be even more of a challenge to get to the gym, but you can still work on movement, specifically squatting, without any equipment.

Think back to when we warmed up with "Bring Sally Up." It wasn't the 17 squats that challenged people, it was the static hold at the bottom.

Why? We don't spend much time down there, in the bottom of our squat. During squats in the skills or WOD, the goal is usually trying to get out of the bottom position as fast as you can, because it makes it easier. However, there is great benefit in getting comfortable in the bottom position. In my gymnastic classes on Tuesday/Thursday, we work on building strength in many different ranges of motion, not just squatting, to better you for CrossFit WODs, and day-to-day activities. Check out this video from CrossFit, it gives a great explanation of how and why this will help.

See you in the gym!



Training Wednesday - Thursday

WARM UP: 5 min EMOM: 6 medball cleans, 2 shuttle run laps (both inside of the same minute!)

SKILL: Back Squat 9-7-5-3 E2M

Build as you go, aim for higher weights than last time!

WOD: Tri Again

This workout consists of three mini AMRAPS of the same movements. Try to aim for a consistent pace across all three (i.e. target the same round total each time).

3 x 4 min AMRAPs, with a 2 min rest interval of:

Rx: 8 shoulder to overhead, 12 deadlift, 16 box jumps (20/24") @ 75/115

FG2: 65/95

FG1: 55/75, box step ups

CP: Add another 4 min AMRAP

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