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Speed in the Snatch

Hey Vic City,

Olympic weightlifting is a large component of CrossFit workouts. It might be high volume light weight reps, or heavier weights for fewer reps. Regardless of situation, being more comfortable with the snatch, and clean and jerk will lead us to unlocking power to many other movements and lifts.

Olympic weightlifting has also been largely included during the CrossFit Open season. We are starting to see more and more "skill" WODs during the group classes, with Olympic Lifting components to build that fitness. This is a great time to practice those moves.

Do you wish you could get some more Olympic Lifting practice in? The unlimited membership offers a Monday/Wednesday evening class to work on those skills. You might have heard of it before, but if not, it's at 7:30pm and coached by Rachel Siemens! Just this past Monday, eleven members were in attendance. Some have been doing it for awhile, some it was their first class. Bottom line, if you want to improve your lifting, that is the place to be!

Check out the below video on changing direction in the snatch. I'll see you in the gym Wednesday and we'll get you more comfortable with that bar overhead.



Warm up: Practice skill sequence with dowel for two rounds then bar only for two rounds, on your own time

Skill WOD: Rotating EMOM: 2 Power Snatch, 2 OHS, 2 full snatch x 15 min

This is a great way to integrate variations of the snatch and overhead squat movement. If you snatches are quite different to your overhead squat ability, you may change the weight for the OHS but you will have to do it quickly!

65-75% of max would be a good

WOD: Lunge Date

This is a team workout in which you will relay through three people. Person 1 does the lunge - burpee - lunge then tags the next person. Move quickly and efficiently!

Rx: 18 min amrap: 1 length OH walking lunge (35/45lb plate), 8 burpee box jumps (20/24), 1 length OH walking lunge

FG2: burpee step ups, 25/35lb plate

FG1: Regular burpees, scale weight plate as needed

CP: Single Arm OH walking lunge (50/80lb if possible)

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