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WOD 5 - The Finisher

Gang, great work on Gymrap on Thursday - a lot of people hitting some strong pr's even though it wasn't that long ago (November) when we last took it on!

It has been great to see some big classes too - not easy to manage for the coaches for sure but great environments and lots of energy. For this last one in particular, don't be afraid to cheer people on in the other heats - it really makes a difference when you're up against a tough challenge!

Also, just a reminder that on Saturday, we'll have our end of PUSH week party - 10am wod and 11am potluck! Check out our Facebook event page here. Family, kids and friends welcome to the Potluck!




WARM-UP: E2M x 4 rounds

5 cal bike or row, 10 Wallballs, 5 burpees

WOD: The Finisher

So a "finisher" is a term used for a short but intense add-on to a workout to really bring the burn. In this case, we're doing short intense work, but in a few repeated blocks... and it's the main part of the workout!

Work hard to get as many reps as possible in this challenging set of intervals. Also commit to doing either the FG, RX, or CP versions to continue building your score set for the king and queen of push week!

Rx: Two 3 minute intervals of: Row 250m then AMRAP 3 thrusters (95/135), 6 barhop burpees, 18 double unders

Rest 2 minutes between intervals. Only the reps after the row contribute to your score

Scaled: 65/95, 36 single skips per round

CP: 115/165

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