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Hey all, here are the standings you have all been waiting for. After all the hard work was done, the sweat dried, and the hands and bodies repaired, the numbers have been crunched.

We had very good participation through the weeks in most categories, and it came down to which workouts you made (or missed) that were counted towards your score.

This particular PUSH week, I decided to score the 7 minute Assault Bike, the Gymrap gymnastics amrap, and the Finisher wod on Friday. The bike favors a larger person (generally) although Coach Adam superseded that trend, while gymnastics certainly favor a smaller individual.

A case could be made that the Finisher was more of a bigger person's game too but the skill of the double unders, switch time between stations, and speed on the burpees were big determinants as well. Overall, I feel like those three workouts were representative of a pretty decent test of fitness!

When the dust settled, the results were as shown in the pictures below. There were quite a few ties in terms of total points. In the instance of a tie, we go to who had the most 1st place finishes, then 2nd place finishes, and so on. In the case of the Rx men however, both Coach G and Kyle were completely tied after all the tiebreaks!

Check out the final rankings - and if you did the wods but didn't log on BTWB, remember to do that next time to get a shot at our awesome prizes. The top 5 in each category that completed all the wods are shown. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place athletes come see Cam next time you're in to collect your rewards!!



Once again, great work everyone!




WARM UP: Dowel Game 5 min cap

SKILL: Athlete's choice of - DB Snatch or DB Power Clean

5 sets of 6-10 reps, E2M

WOD: Rotato Wallball Pickup

This is a rotating EMOM workout in which you maintain reps each round, focusing on quality execution of skills at each station. Note the wallball station into the rest is a bit of a cardio and muscular push, but you will get the opportunity to recover right after!

Rotate through the skills, every minute on the minute for 4 rounds:

1. Handstand pushup progression 3-8 reps/20-30s holds

2. DB Lunge 10-16 steps (1arm or 2 db on shoulders)

3. TTB or Hanging Knee raise 10-16 reps

4. Wallball AMRAP in 1 min

5. Rest

All levels scale as needed, there is no score for this workout!

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