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Skills during the Open

Week 1 of the CrossFit Open 2018 is finally here! The workout for this week will be announced via on Thursday February 22 at 5pm. There will be two (or more) top crossfit athletes invovled in the broadcast and will take the workout on right then and there, so tune in to see what you're up against!

During the Open, we want to drop our intensity and volume down in the first two wods of the week to make sure that we are firing on all cylinders come Fri-Sat. With this in mind, we will be making a change to our gymnastics skills class.

Tuesday night will be a class as usual - building skills that may come up in the Open wods, and will be held at the usual time (730-830pm). Our lifting classes Mon-Wed will remain the same also, with a focus on tuning up your lifts.

On Thursdays however, coach Adam will lead a breakdown of the week's workout and include some strategy and prep from 630-730pm. This will be very useful to get some solid tips on pacing and technique going into the workout that week, and is open to people with any one of our membrships! Note the change in time!

This week's programming will feature some fast paced amraps on Mon-Tues and some technique plus conditioning on Wed-Thurs. Be sure to treat your body well this week (and all weeks of the Open), and scale the workouts as needed to feel fresh come Friday!




WARM-UP: Rowling 3 x 150m


Build as you go to a heavy but smooth 5. You can take the bar from the floor or from a rack!

WODS: Small Block 2

This couple of amraps is the same format as last week's small block workouts - two 5 min amraps separated by a 5 min break. The idea is to maintain a quick and steady pace throughout each amrap. You will get two scores - a rep total for each AMRAP.

If you are prone to ripping your hands, consider taping in advance or subbing for a smaller amount of ring rows.

Rx: 5 min AMRAP of: 15 ground to overhead (55/75), 35 double unders

Rest 5 min

5 min AMRAP of: 8 pullups, 8 barhop burpees, 12 wallballs (14/20)

FG: Scale to 35/55, 5 du + 30 singles or 70 singles. Wallballs scaled as needed, jumping pullups

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