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18.1 is HERE!

Hello all, the CrossFit Games OPEN has begun! Workout 18.1 will challenge you with the length of the time domain (20 minutes) and the unique interaction of the three movements that make up the wod.

I advise you to watch the Open announcement with a particular eye towards how the non-games athletes perform. Sam Briggs and Kristin Holte are great to watch too however their fitness provides them certain advantages that most of us don't have!

Here is the workout:

20 minute AMRAP

Rx: 8 toes to bar, 12/14 calories rowing, 5 hang clean to overhead per arm with a single DB (5 right, 5 left - 35/50lb weight)

Scaled: 8 hanging knee raise, 12/14 calories rowing, 5 5 hang clean to overhead per arm with a single DB (5 right, 5 left - 20/35lb weight)

A few notes of performance:

20 minutes requires PACING and pacing isn't "going slow" - it's choosing the appropriate speed of reps and breaks between exercises to achieve the best score. Focus on keeping a steady, moderate pace throughout.

One point of fatigue may be your grip (hanging from the bar, holding the row handle, holding the DB) so if it starts to go, break up your reps before you hit real fatigue. Also try hook gripping the DB.

Any Rx score beats any scaled score, so if you have ttb, then go for Rx! TTB may be best done as single reps if you don't have a smooth kip, as singles will save your grip.

For the scaled Hanging Knee Raise, try to get the reps done as quickly as possible as the rhythm is a bit less important and your general goal should be to minimize the time you are hanging!

Note the technique for the hang clean to overhead with a single arm is best done with starting the hang with the DB between your legs as opposed to outside your leg. Try to maximize leg involvement and minimize effort from the arms.

Take a look at the gym leaderboard as scores come in to see how people you usually compete with are performing. This can give you a bit more information about how to pace for the workout.

Other than that, have fun and work hard!




WARM-UP: WARM UP PRIOR TO CLASS - 6 min EMOM of 5 medball cleans, 15 jumping jacks, 2 inchworms


WODs will be run in heats of 7-9 people. Heats will take turn judging each other. Classes will likely run a bit long due to the length of the workout.

Tentative Class Schedule:

0:00 - 0:05 - workout description, movement demo of the HPC + OH

0:05 - 0:10 - heat 1 warm up

0:12 - 0:32 - heat 1

0:32 - 0:37 - heat 2 warm up

0:39 - 0:59 - heat 2

All classes on Friday and Saturday will run the Open wods!

Friday Night Lights will run from 6-8pm and will be a first come-first served heat schedule on a big whiteboard by the office.

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