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Two for One

Games athletes Patrick Vellner and Noah Ohlsen squared off in the live announcement of 18.2

Hey all,

CrossFit Open wod 18.2 is here... and it gives the opportunity for not one, but two scores!

It is an interesting format in that there is a 12 minute cap to complete two separate events. The first event is a tough ascending rep couplet of dumbbell squats and bar facing burpees. The second event is a 1rm clean!

You must complete the couplet first and then in the remaining time, work up to as heavy a clean as possible. This type of format definitely rewards people with both a very good engine (to complete the couplet quickly) and that can lift a lot of weight - so in essence a pretty ideal crossfit athlete!!

Here's how it breaks down:

12 minute running clock

Event 18.2a: 1-2-3-4-5...10 reps of DB Squat (2 dumbbells held at the shoulders - 35/50) and bar facing burpees

*You must complete 18.2a before moving on to 18.2b. If you do not finish the couplet in the given time (12 minutes), you get a score of 0 for both events!!*

In the remaining time - Event 18.2b: 1RM clean. Can be squat or power, and your judge or other athletes can help you load the bar.

Scaled version - same reps as the Rx but dumbbells are 30/35 and you can step in and out on the burpees.

If you scale the first part, your score for both parts will be marked as scaled!

Keys to success:

- Push hard on the couplet, saving energy for most people will result in fewer attempts on the cleans

- Warm up your clean to a heavy weight prior to starting the workout but then load the bar with a lift you will make 100% of the time (usually 70% of max or so)

- Don't fuss around with the DB's on your shoulders - just get them up and start going right away

- No squat cleaning for the DB squats

- Aim to do your squats unbroken and adjust pace on burpees

- If you feel good on your first clean, don't be afraid of making a decent jump in weight!

Any way you cook it gang, this workout is going to be spicy for sure. Definitely this is one in which some cheering from your buddies will go a long way, so don't be afraid to get enthusiastic!!

Good luck, have fun!




WARM-UP (pre-wod, add weight as you warm up):

1. 2-4 barbell squat cleans

2. 2-4 burpees (every second time through)

3. 2-4 db squats (every second time through)

Repeat the above sequence every 90 sec to 2 min in your warm up period for the workout. Work up in weight on your cleans to a weight that is heavier than what your first attempt will be in the wod.

WOD: CROSSFIT OPEN 18.2a & 18.2b

See details as listed in the post above!

Heats will run approximately every 15-18 min. Not doing the Open? No problem! It's just a regular day of classes in that case, so come on down :)

COOLDOWN: Judge and cheer!!

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