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Lessons From 18.4

Hey Vic City,

18.4 was a challenge to say the least. However, regardless of the difficulty of the challenge, each new workout gives us an opportunity for our best finish. There were a bunch of Vic City members that had 18.4 be their best workout to date. Games level and recreation athletes, alike, both struggled with the new HSPU standard. The key to success in this WOD was to maximize all of our efforts; to eliminate no-reps. Knowing your limit on this workout helped everyone score to the best of their ability. Some people approached the workout with single reps and made sure that they got credit for each of them. I saw many surprised faces, after the nine minute workout had elapsed, as they achieved more reps than they thought possible. It was important to put the ego at the door on this workout, especially. Just because you have the capacity to complete a set of 21 or 10 or whatever on the HSPU doesn't mean you need to. It was often in those cases where athletes went to their maximum and rep quality started to fade, where no-reps started to be issued and frustration set in. Over the past year, you probably recall one of your coaches explaining a workout, and suggest to 'break up the reps before you think you need to.' The reason was because although we might be able to get one or two more reps, they might not be our best quality, and this HSPU standard didn't offer room for low quality.

Each week I try to find specific ideas or situations to takeaway where I can learn to be better prepared to perform or coach in the future. My first take away from 18.4 is to continue to practice ALL movements to meet even the toughest standards. For squats, work to hit BELOW parallel on each rep, chest to bar pull-ups only count when our chest makes PHYSICAL CONTACT with the pull-up bar, on wall ball workouts don't give yourself a rep if you didn't hit the target. If we hold ourself to a higher standard in our everyday classes, it won't matter what the Open standard is, we will be able to achieve it. Second takeaway point, I've mentioned this many times before, but practice all the movements prior to the workout. There is always a few people that voice their displeasure for this because they 'don't want to waste it,' but if you can make sure you are able to hit the movement standards with the scaling that you have set out to complete. It is an important start to make sure you meet the standards when fresh. For example, if you were barely achieving the appropriate height on the HSPU before the workout, make an adjustment prior to starting, to give yourself some breathing room, or at least understand what adjustments can be made to give you extra height when fatigued (hands more narrow, hands closer to the wall). I find it helpful to make notes, maybe in your workout log book, after each Open WOD as to ways to improve or thoughts on how to better prepare for the following workout or next Open, I encourage you to do the same.

Vic City Ladies mentally prepping for 18.5. Great snap captured by Oscar Bravo

Vic City Ladies mentally prepping for 18.5. Great snap captured by Oscar Bravo

With all that being said, 18.5 is almost here, and we've been having some guesses on the Sunday night blog post as to what the workout may be. You never know, maybe it will be your top score of the year, but prepare to succeed!

Stay strong for the last week!



Training Wednesday - Thursday

Warm-Up: EMOM8 -

Min 0/2/4/6: Row 8 cal/10 cal/12 cal/14 cal

Min 1/3/5/7: 5 Medball cleans + 5 Push-up

Skill: Hang Power Clean - 5 x 8 E90s - stay fast and smooth

WOD: Run, Jump, Throw

This WOD is a partner WOD, with both partners working on opposite stations, and once both are complete, switch. This WOD is similar in style to Nurwor.

Rx: 3 rounds each person, alternating stations with a partner.

- 400m Run

- 15 SD Box Jumps (20"/24") and 20 Wallballs (14/20)

*Hand Tag at the Box to switch

FG: 10 SD Box Jumps and 20 lighter Wallballs

TG: 200m Run, Step Ups, 10 lighter Wallballs

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