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Nordic CrossFit Superstars

Iceland is a rugged country, no doubt about that. The climate is at the same time cold and unforgiving while also having the intense heat of geothermal activity.

The population of Iceland is small - under 350,000 people - but those people are made of some hardy stuff. Known historically for providing some of the strongest men to ever walk the earth, Iceland now is renowned for being the birthplace of three of the fittest women in the world.

This documentary piece follows Annie Thorisdottir, Sara Sigmundsdottir, and Katrin Davidsdottir through a few days of training to see what it takes to be among the fittest in the world. Take a look, and I'm sure you'll be inspired by these women's commitment, focus, and perseverance.




WARM-UP: 4 rds (6 min cap) 10 russian kbs, 6 goblet squats, 4 press (2/arm)

SKILL: E90s x 8: 6 Hang Power Snatch, 3 OHS

WOD: 2 Steps Back

This is an AMRAP workout with a buy-in. You only do the buy in once, then use the remainder of the time to complete the other exercises. Your score is your total reps not including the buy in!

14 min AMRAP

Rx: 50 DB Snatch (35/50) buy in, then AMRAP of:

10 ctb pullups, 10 STO (75/115), 10 Reverse Lunge (75/115)

FG2: 55-65/75-95, regular pullups

FG1: Scale bar as needed, banded pullups

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