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Tracking your results

Hey all, you've probably heard your coaches tell you the importance of recording your workout weights and scores. You've also likely been asked "what did you do last time"

when we come to a repeating strength wod like 5 x 5 Back Squats. We don't do these things to annoy you - rather we do them so that you can get the most out of the program that we offer.

Knowing your weights for various exercises is vital to completing the program as it was intended. Knowing previous times for workouts allows you to push yourself to get better with a tangible result to beat.

I've taken a few paragraphs of an article from CrossFit Toy Box, written by one of their coaches, Ryan. In the article, Coach Ryan describes a variety of reasons why recording your wods really is the key to CrossFit success (whatever that might mean to you):

The importance of recording your results can not be underestimated. It is very hard to see your progress if you don’t know where you started. There is another aspect to it as well and that’s the programming within the box. Nothing is more frustrating for a coach than spending hours developing a well thought out percentage based program for the community, then, when going over the workout an athlete has NO IDEA where there numbers are. This can significantly impact the intended stimulus of the program for that athlete. This can tie into recovery and a whole litany of things.

I know that at the end of the WOD, when you’re collapsed on the floor in front of the fan, sucking wind and sitting in a puddle of your own sweat, the last thing you are thinking about is keeping track of your lifts or WOD times. However, the upside to being a functional human being is that you are capable of retaining and recalling information. While the ideal time to record your numbers is immediately following the WOD, it doesn’t really matter as long as they are recorded accurately.

It doesn’t take much to keep a journal and pen handy. I’m not saying you need to track EVERY single WOD, but keep track of your strength numbers, Benchmark WOD’s and how you were feeling on those days.

We sometimes go long periods of time before we repeat these WOD’s. I can only speak for myself, but I know I wouldn’t accurately remember my time on a WOD if I didn’t write it down….So the next time you get done with your workout, make sure you log your results.

- Coach Ryan

As a Vic City member, you have free access to Beyond the Whiteboard, a website and app that is amazing for tracking both your workout scores and an overall aggregate fitness score. There are lots of features to use and you'll never forget what your last PR was! Ask a coach about how to get set up.




WARM-UP: 400m jog, 1 length walking lunge, 8 inchworms

SKILL: DEADLIFT 5, 5, 3, 3, 1, 1 alternated E2M with DB floor press 6 x 6-10 reps

Work up in weight for both exercises, go to a heavy single for the deadlift (not a 1 rep max)

FINISHER: Strict Press Endurance

15 seconds work, 15 seconds rest x 8 sets

This is for max reps, bar taken from the floor. If you don't get any reps in any one interval, your score is 0 :)

You can use db's if you want

Rx: 65/95

FG: 45-55/65-75

TG: Scale as needed

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