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Powerlifting Total - June 3 and 4

Hey all, our strength programming recently has been geared towards gaining performance on the bench press and back squat, with a bit of deadlifting mixed in.

By focusing on these three lifts, you can strengthen your entire body and provide a foundation for greater performance in wods with those movements while also creating a great platform for improving your olympic weightlifting.

Powerlifting is a sport all about pure strength - and they compete in those three lifts - the squat, bench and deadlift - all for 1 rep maxes. There are awards for each lift as well as the total sum of all the weight lifted (the "Powerlifting Total").

We've never done a powerlifting total at Vic City, but we're going to give it a go in class on June 3 and 4 (Mon and Tues). The lifting will comprise the full class for those days, and you will be given a time allotment to complete each lift.

It will be a great way to cap off this phase of training and to see where your true strength lies - and I think most of you will surprise yourselves!

In the lead up to the Powerlifting Total, each week you want to make sure you are pushing the sets and reps in class - ideally by doing a bit more than you did last time for the same rep range. It's not too late to start recording your weights!

You can also predict one rep maxes in any lift with a weight lifted for any number of reps less than 10 (with fewer reps being more accurate). To do this, go to THIS website and use the calculator. This way you can build a plan towards hitting your best numbers during the Powerlifting Total.

See you in the gym!




WARM UP: AMRAP 4 - 6 pushups, 8 lunges, 10 kbs


1. 12 min to a heavy 5 in the Back Squat (not max)

2. 12 min to a heavy 5 in the Bench Press (close to max, score #1)

Use the full time frame for both, making sure to practice with lighter weights before making big jumps. You should do at least 7 sets for the Squat and 7 for the Bench.

Today, as soon as you have finished the warm up, you will get 5 minutes to prep for the Back Squat before the timer starts. If you need more time to warm up, SHOW UP EARLY and warm up prior to class so you are ready to go.

FINISHER: Repo (score #2)

Rx: 21-15-9 of pullups and 12-9-6 of burpee box jumps (10 minute cap)

FG: Jumping pullups, 9-6-3 of burpee box jumps/step ups

CP: CTB at full reps OR 9-6-3 Ring MU and 12-9-6 burpee bj

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