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Can West Games Qualifiers

Hey Vic City,

While the CrossFit Open garners most of the attention in our competition calendar each year, there are a few "local" competitions that are also focal points for competitive crossfit athletes in BC.

The Can West Games is entering into it's 3rd (or 4th?) year and is definitely the premier event each summer. The competition is known for having an excellent venue, high quality workouts on new equipment, and a full range of both recreational and elite athletes.

This year's competition will happen on the 27th, 28th, and 29th of July at Percy Perry Stadium in Coquitlam. There are 20 categories of athletes participating, including Masters into the 55+ category.

Our gym will be sending a large contingent of competitors over this year, with all of our athletes successfully qualifying either as individuals or on same sex teams of three. Here is the breakdown of our athletes:

Elite Men: Adam B, Zeke C

Elite Women: Eryn B

Elite Masters (40-44): Will Parris

Elite Men Trio:

"Duck Tales" - Kiel H, Kyle L, Adam P

Elite Women Trio:

"Crux" - Kelley O, France L, Audrey M

Intermediate Trio Men:

"Sandbaggers" - Warren (coach Dub), Tanner C, Erik P

"AKA Vic City" - Alan W, Tony D, Luke G

"Tall Timbers" - Matt C, Jacob P, Sean H

"Fronings Fan Boys" - Craig O, Niv H, Elijah F

Intermediate Trio Women:

"Sandy Sisters" - Katie M, Kendra H, Mika M

"Beast Mode and Feast Mode" - Meghan J, Kehly S, Sam D

So needless to say it's going to be an action packed, exciting weekend! For some of these athletes this will be their first competition outside of Vic City so we'll be doing our best to prep them over the next couple of months to get them all ready.

It would be great to have some people come over and support the athletes, so if you have some time and want to see some excellent CrossFit competition in the sun, mark July 27-29th on your calendar!

Great work everyone, amazing to have so many qualifiers and such a strong contingent from Vic City.

Coach Cam



WARM UP: Rotating EMOM x 3 rounds (12 min)

1. 30 sec assault bike

2. 30 sec DB snatch

3. 30 sec Pushups

SKILL: Thruster - 5, 5, 3, 3, 1, 1, 1 E2M

Build to a 1Rm thruster - each set heavier. Bars taken from the rack or floor

WOD: Integra

This is an interval workout, in which your total number of double unders is your score. You will have to work quickly through the other work in order to give yourself a chance to get in some solid reps!

Choose weights that are challenging yet smooth, with the plan of dropping at least some of the snatch reps. If you can do all rounds touch and go super fast, then the weight is likely too light!

Rx: 5 intervals of 90 sec duration, with a 90 sec rest in between. Each interval contains:

1. 5 power snatch (75/115)

2. 7 deadlifts

3. 5 burpees over the bar

4. Amrap double unders in the remaining time

FG2: Bar weight 65/95

FG1: Bar weight 45-55/65-75, hang power snatch, regular burpees, single unders divide by 2

TG: Scale movements as needed

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