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Fitness In All Families

Hey Vic City,

The Regional competition is over, and the qualifiers for each category are set. For the second straight year, two families will have two individual athletes competing in the Open age group division. Last year, Garret and Lauren Fisher qualified along with Ben and Alec Smith. This year, the Smiths will be joined by the Panchiks, where long time Games' athlete Scott will be joined by younger brother Saxon.

Check out how the Smiths and the Panchiks stacked up when you add their 3rd brothers, who also qualified for Regionals but missed out on the Games.

There has been a number of occasions over the years where family members are qualifying for the Games at the same time. There have been instances of siblings, spouses, and parent-child.

Although, these examples are representing the pinnacle of the sport, it is no different than having a family member join in our gym community.

If your blood relatives are joining you in the gym, like the Smith and Panchik brothers demonstrate, you might notice you have similar strength and weaknesses, based on genetics. If your spouse or partner are joining you on a CrossFit journey, genetics are different, but lifestyle factors might influence some common strengths and weaknesses.

Regardless if related by blood or by choice, having a support system when it comes to training, and making healthy lifestyle decisions the other 23 hours in the day you aren't working out, will be very beneficial.

We currently have a number of families as members at Vic City, but if you would like one of your family members to join you on the fun, encourage them to sign up for an On-Ramp or a free intro session.





WARM-UP: Dowel Game - coaches choice of fitness reward!


This workout is made up of three 8 minute AMRAPs. Depending on class size, you may complete the workouts in a different order than listed below.

Your score will be your total number of reps completed. The first and third AMRAPs have a "buy-in" run, which does not count towards your reps... so run fast to give yourself time to get to the movements that count!!

Rx: 3 x 8 min AMRAPS with 4 min rest in between each

1. Run 800m, then in the remaining time, complete AMRAP of: 10 KBS (35/53) and 30 DU

*40 reps per round

2. AMRAP of: 10 pullups, 20 pushups, 30 squats

*60 reps per round

3. Run 800m, then in the remaining time, complete AMRAP of: 10 DB Snatch (35/50) and 20 goblet reverse lunge (same weight as DB Snatches).

*30 reps per round

FG: Scale run distance to 600m, scale weights and movements as needed

TG: Scale to 400m runs, 5 min per AMRAP

CP: KB 44/70, Snatches 40-50/55-70, weight vest for middle amrap

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