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A good Canadian boy

Hey team, as you likely know, the grand finale of the CrossFit season, the Reebok CrossFit Games, is only a month away. Out of all the competitors from around the globe, one of the front runners for a podium spot is Brent Fikowski, a Canadian who currently lives in the interior of BC.

Brent has a relatively long and eventful CrossFit career, from missing out on the Games two years in a row by very narrow margins, to finishing fourth in his very first CrossFit Games appearance.

There is a series on youtube right now that chronicles a bit of Brent's season of training, his outlook on CrossFit, and a bit of his rather mundane daily life! I've put the first video down below, episode 2 is also out now and they are a neat window into this elite athletes mindset and preparation.





WOD: Partner Wallburp

This is a toughie gang, stay committed to large sets on the wallballs and keep an accurate count!

Rx: 240 wallballs for time (14/20) - with 12 burpee box jumps (20/24) and 24 Pullups at every break

*Partner 1 goes until they drop the ball or stop, then both partners share the 12 burpee box jumps

*Partner 2 adds to Partner 1's wallballs and goes until he or she stops, another 12 burpee bj... and so on!

FG2: Scale wallball weight, burpee step ups

FG1: 180 wallballs, 8 regular burpees

Murph Prep: Add 24 shared pullups at each break

Cash-out: 400, 800, 1200, or mile run

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