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CrossFit Games Team Series

Hey Vic City,

The CrossFit Games are behind us, and being able to soak in the fitness live from Madison, WI has really inspired me, and I’m sure catching some of the action on the computer has done the same for you. Even though the athletes have to take the competition very seriously, as it is the primary income for the majority of individual competitors, they are still visibly enjoying the competition. That’s because CrossFit is fun.

We are about half way between the 2018 Open and the 2019 Open, and I know you all have been working hard on improving your fitness and working your weaknesses. The annual CrossFit Games Team Series is a good, and extremely fun way to see how we are doing in making fitness improvements, and get another little taste of the CrossFit Games.

If you haven’t heard of the CrossFit Games Team Series, here is the low down:

It is an online competition, similar to the Open. Like the Open, CrossFit will release the workouts and you will have multiple days (Wednesday – Monday) to complete them. The main difference between the Open and the Team Series, is the Team Series is completed with a partner, and there will be multiple events each week instead of just one.

This year’s Team Series spans over two weeks –

September 19th – 24th & September 26th – October 1st.

Watch the minute long video below for a few other details.



WARM UP: 5 min AMRAP: 8 bar deadlifts, 6 front squats, 8 pushups, 22 single skips/jj

*NO SCORE TODAY, just work on your skills and strength!!*

SKILL WOD 1: Alternate EMOM x 10 minutes between the following exercises

1. Deadlift 4-8 reps

2. Handstand Pushups (hspu) 4-8 reps OR HS hold OR HR pushups

Rest, re-set 8 min

SKILL WOD 2: Alternate EMOM x 10 minutes between the following exercises

1. Front Squat (bar taken from rack) 4-8 reps

2. Ring Row OR Pullup OR CTB OR Muscle up 4-8 reps

After 10th minute, right into


1. Max Double unders in 20 sec in each minute

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