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Something different

So far week, we've done rotations on 5 minutes, fast paced intervals of 1 minute, and now we're working a bit longer on 10 min rotations.

One of the greatest things about CrossFit training is that each day presents a different challenge to your body and mind. Every workout requires a new strategy and pace.

Have fun with this last workout of the week - it is just as easy or just as hard as the other ones, but different to them both!




WARM-UP: Dowel Game 5-7 min

Specific wod warm up


This workout involves three 10 minute segments. In each segment you will have to complete different tasks and then rest until the next segment starts. Work quickly to get a good score and also to get some extra time to recover!

3 SCORES for this one!

Part 1: 4 rounds for time - 6 power cleans, 2 STO, 8 box jump overs

On 10 minutes, rotate to part 2

Part 2: 750 row + 800 run (women) 1k row + 800m run (men)

On 20 minutes, rotate to part 3

Part 3: 4 rounds for time - 15 deadlifts, 40 double unders

Rx: Bar weights 95/135, 20/24" box

FG2: 65-75/95-115, 20 double unders per round in Part 3

FG1: scale bar as needed, box step ups, shorten run to 400m, 40 single skips

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