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Pursuing Higher Education

Hey Vic City,

Schools are now back in session, but students shouldn't be the only ones ready to learn. Regardless of our profession, there is always going to be things that we don't know. In our line of work their might be a facet that we excel and another we may lack. CrossFit is actually a good analogy for that, too.

No job or career is one dimensional, neither is CrossFit. In CrossFit, we might perform better on weightlifting movements over gymnastic skills. If you sold cars, you might be very knowledgeable in the details and differences between cars, but lacked personal skills to close deals. Everyone is different, and the make up of a CrossFitter, car salesperson, or coach is not the same. We can always work at making our strengths stronger, and make our weaknesses less weak.

In CrossFit, continue to work on being strong, but don't forget to dedicate time to practicing your gymnastics. In your own profession, continue to improve at what got you your position and pursue improvements in areas that could use some upgrades.

The coaches at CrossFit Vic City are always looking and improving their knowledge and coaching traits. Individually, we have our specific interests within CrossFit, but together we are a very comprehensive team.

Speaking of teams - Team Series sign up is still going on, and this will be the last week for shirts. Those of you that have bought shirts or are interested, you must come in and get it organized by Friday.

What we need: 2 shirts (1 for each teammate), team name or whatever you want printed on the backs, and payment.





WARM UP: 3 rounds - 12 KB deadlifts, 8 KB 1 arm rows per arm, 4 KB press per arm

WOD: Diane

This is a classic CrossFit workout in which a basic strength movement (deadlifts) are paired up with a more complex gymnastic movement (handstand pushups).

For the best in the game, this workout is sub 2 minutes, and it should be under 8 minutes for most of you, regardless of scaling.

If you're not that experienced with hspu, then scale this workout back to make sure you stay SAFE with your movements. If you are doing hspu, break them up early and often to maintain control of your reps.

12 minute cap

Rx: 21-15-9 of Deadlifts (155/225) and Handstand Pushups

FG2: Scaled ROM HSPU (1 yoga block), bar weight 125/185

FG1: Scale bar as needed, hand release pushups

CP: 175/275, strict HSPU

CASH-OUT: In a group of 3 and with a 12 minute clock, work one person at a time on the Assault bike. Guys do 5 cals each then 10 cals then 15, then 20 before re-starting at 5. Ladies do 3,6,9,12 in the same format

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